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FOX News
Oct 20, 2013 9:00pm PDT
>> john: tonight we eastbound pose myths and lies. >> politicians tell us what food we can eat. >> what difference of it of yours what i put in my body? >> a little fat >> john: we're told fracking will plague our water. >> but fracking is good. >> it's an amazing story. >> also because stupid people do this, these people lose their jobs? >> we're less safe because of you awful people. should government deliver the mail? should it build speed at this trains? we look for answers at the seat of power. we're always adding burdens, who is we, washington, when they don't let a camera around. there is so much money here, life is good >> john: we start with myth number 7 because americans are so fat it's government's job to help us eat better. >> changing old habits is never easy. >> john: no, it's not. so the first lady says to change behavior. >> it's going to take government doing its part. >> john: if michelle obama wants to inspire us by exercising on the white house lawn, that is great but with government it's force. >> this is not banning what you are buying but simply the size
FOX Business
Oct 15, 2013 11:00pm EDT
benefit credit cards, edt cards. john: free stuff for victims. bill o'reilly. >> no matter what the evidence, no matte what facts are presented, the liberal line will be the same if society's fault. john she blames her parents for bad attitude. the back street boy's neck carter blames his drug binges on paris hilton. lamar odom as father blames his sons troublen the kardashian thes people say they cannot find work. is woman works for the welfare office. >> which should be done about that? >> i don't really know. they will get a job. john: selling victim died. that is our show tonig. ♪ spherejohn: are you a victim? won 19 emmys. solar powered clothes dryer, just 50 bucks. what did they get in the mail? a clothesline. >> this machine supposedly used chemical sprays to make people feel younger. >> or you could use this device. >> will step. of ugly facial fat. john: it's my job. i should warn you about scams. nothing wrong with consumer reporting. the media always goes overboard. and in 2020 we did. >> coffee makers may have started dozens of fires. john stossel with the facts yo
FOX Business
Oct 17, 2013 9:00pm EDT
. john: that is what the big spender say, and they get their way, but what if this were the budget of someone you knew. john: what do you think of these people, making 24,000, spending 35,000, almost 11,000 in debt. >> get there priorities straight on what they need to be spending and saving money on. john: this is the federal budget. i just took zeros of. suppose america were a person. >> i would like to raise my debt limit. my debt limit, i would like to raise it. >> you are 140,000 to order and $70 in debt. >> right. i figure we should raise the limit to 170,000. i just bought a 60-inch flat screen. john: americans have bought plenty of -- plenty of flat screens. promising everyone many more things. is there no limit on what politicians in promised? who will pay for? case well. i have to take some of these. no, i am the old person. i need this. no, i've won't give it back. stealing from kids is not fair. so tonight the week after government barricaded veterans away from a memorial, i say what americans need is a barricade to keep congress away from our money because we are up al
FOX News
Oct 19, 2013 1:00am PDT
on the debt ceiling. she just the listed. john: that is what the big spender say, and they get their way, but what if this were the budget of someone you knew. john: what do you think of these people, making 24,000, spending 35,000, almost 11,000 in debt. >> get there priorities straight on what they need to be spending and saving money on. john: this is the federal budget. i just took zeros of. suppose america were a person. >> i would like to raise my debt limit. my debt limit, i would like to raise it. >> you are 140,000 to order and $70 in debt. >> right. i figure we should raise the limit to 170,000. i just bought a 60-inch flat screen. john: americans have bought plenty of -- plenty of flat screens. promising everyone many more things. is there no limit on what politicians in promised? who will pay for? case well. i have to take some of these. no, i am the old person. i need this. no, i've won't give it back. stealing from kids is not fair. so tonight the week after government barricaded veterans away from a memorial, i say what americans need is a barricade to keep congress away f
Al Jazeera America
Oct 22, 2013 3:00am EDT
quote the state john kerry is saying the united states is reviewing how it gather intelligence. >> as president obama said, very clearly in a recent speech that he gave at the united nations general assembly just a few weeks ago, he said we in the united states are currently reviewing the way that we gather intelligence. and i think that's appropriate. that our goal is always to try to find the right balance between protecting the security and the privacy of our citizens. >> amnesty international says u.s. drone strikes are illegal and could amount to war crimes. human rights group investigated 45 strikes in north west pakistan between january of last year and august of this year.
Oct 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
quote an suv driver. he talks with our own john miller. >> dr. david agus on the test for breast cancer and how the competition could save lives. >> we begin with today's a opener. >> there's no way we should default. >> congress pushes the government to the brink. >> after a separate proposal for house republicans completely fell apart. >> ratings put the united states government aaa on the negative watch. >> it would be armageddon for the economy. >> dow fell 133 points yesterday. >> boehner has to make a decision whether he's going to abandoned the tea party. >> police have made an arrest at the airport. >> scary moments on a airline flight to atlanta. the engine burst into flames minutes after takeoff. >> it looked like the entire plane was on fire. >> a florida sheriff is charging two girls for bullying a 12-year-old girl who committed suicide. >>> what makes the girl's acts criminal? >> they terrorized her. >> a powerful typhoon is lashing
Oct 20, 2013 11:00pm EDT
's no secret that homeland security has the red john case. yeah, your name has come up in various ways. right. so then did you guys break into my office and steal my list of suspects? absolutely not. no? why not? because we don't care who you think red john is. we have the case. point taken. thanks for your time. that's it? uh, yeah. i just wanted to make sure you weren't on a wild goose chase, because whoever it was that broke into my office, they stole a fake list of suspects. well played. thank you. i thought so. maybe you should come work for us. maybe not. (huffs) you need a ride somewhere? no, i'm--i'm good, thanks. well, we should talk some more. get in the car. do i have a choice? no. by all means... let's talk some more. let me see your phone. hey, you don't have to do this. i actually want to talk to you. just hand me the phone. (clicking) seatbelt, please. (clears throat) hey, have you guys heard from jane? nope. i haven't seen him since yesterday morning. his phone just keeps on going straight to voicemail. can you ping it for me? sure. it'll take me a little while. thanks. it's p
Oct 16, 2013 7:00pm PDT
with the white house and moderate republicans. for them they're very comfortable with that. >> john stanton, washington bureau chief, buzzfeed. john, thank you for being with us. that does it for us right now. this is ongoing. what you are watching now the vote in the house to end the government shutdown and avert the debt ceiling crisis that the treasury department says would hit tomorrow. we are done to the skin of our teeth, as a nation. as this vote comes in right now in the house of representatives. that does it for us tonight. we will see you live at midnight for the layest from washington. now time for the last word from lawrence o'donnell. >>> this is our continuing live coverage of the vote in the house of representatives at this very minute. the vote that will end the government shut down. that will indeed raise the debt ceiling. that vote comes on a day when the speaker of the house john boehner was in effect forced to declare his official surrender. the republicans in the house of representatives who are trying to force president obama into compromises did not get their
Oct 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
is over, america's oldest park ranger is back to work. john blackstone shares the lessons she has for all of us. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod with a western edition of the broadcast. we have breaking news to report. two convicted murderers who walked out of the same prison in florida the last three weeks, freed with forged papers, are now back in custody. they were captured early this evening eastern time, reportedly without incident, just about 100 miles from the prison where they had been serving life sentence. here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: there was a reward in orlando for anyone who could point police to joseph jenkins and charles walker, the convicted killers whose escape embarrassed florida's corrections system. today, walker's mother, lillie danzy, pleaded with her son to turn himself in. >> wement you to surrender yourself to someone who you trust, who will bring you back in safely. we tonight want any harm to come to you. >> reporter: jenkins and walker were serving life sentences for separate murders
Oct 16, 2013 10:00pm PDT
the united states would hit the detail ceiling, john boehner surrendered. the senate voted first, the bipartisan deal reached would fund the government through january 15th and raise the debt ceiling through february 17th. 81 senators cast the reasonable vote in favor of the bill including every democrat and 27 republicans. 18 republicans voted against the bill. then the bill moved to the house, the final vote was 285-144, 87 republicans voted for the bill, including john boehner and eric canter. 144 republicans voted against it. 198 democrats provided the necessary votes for passage. >> joining me now howard dean, sam stein, and we will soon i believe have luke russert. but we don't have him yet. sam stein, this came at a -- at the end of a day that now seems inevitable. there was no one, absolutely no one saw a way for republicans to win in this fight when they started it. >> yeah, i mean, what's remarkable is that after two weeks, two and a half weeks time we ended up right where we thought we would be. we wasted $24 billion in economic activity along the way and a lot of peop
Oct 15, 2013 4:30pm PDT
the season with joel hanrahan as their closer. he underwent tommy john surgery in may. andrew bailey two stints on the dl. shoulder surgery in july. uehara is the man. helped get the red sox here and he misses high with ball one to jhonny peralta. one ball, one strike. >> tim: boy, that was a wicked splitter. diving out of the strike zone. it looks like a strike. and it difference late. >> joe: strike two. >> tim: peralta thought it was low, and it was. sox with a huge break on that 1-1 pitch. >> joe: reaching for it. out at second. double play! and the tigers are down to their final out with avila coming up. >> tim: that was the splitter. he reaches for it and grounds it out. but in fairness, that at-bat could have changed had that 1-1 pitch been a ball instead of a strike. >> joe: koji uehara is trying for his second save in this postseason of more than an inning. he went an inning and a third in game four the divisional series in tampa bay. trying for his sixth save in that category overall. here's avila. ball one. alex avila homered sunday night. he made 11 during the regular season.
Oct 19, 2013 10:30pm EDT
, the mystery of john sohus' disappearance was about to take a sharp turn. >> the owners of didi sohus' house at 1920 lorraine decided to put in a swimming pool. and during the excavation of the pool, the bulldozer operator struck something hard, and it turned out to be human bones. >> reporter: the gravesite was directly behind the guest house where a young man named chichester once lived. >> the body was found. it was inside of a fiberglass container. >> reporter: l.a. sheriffs detective tim miley. >> inside the container, the arms, legs and torso were wrapped in saran wrap, hands were covered in bags, and the hands, feet and head were covered in plastic bags. >> reporter: the remains were so decomposed that they couldn't be officially identified, and the coroner wouldn't rule it a homicide. >> police could only speculate about how the body came to be buried in the backyard of the one-time sohus residence. >> reporter: the tv show "unsolved mysteries" recreated the scene and even posted a picture of christopher chichester, calling him a person of interest, but no one called in with a tip. >
Oct 16, 2013 12:00am PDT
will prevent a first of its kind default. a deal offered by speaker john boehner to reopen the government and lift the debt ceiling, one that was supposed to be voted on by the house tonight as i speak to you. that deal has now been nixed. republican leadership in the house appear to have no idea what to do next and there is no good reason to believe anyone knows what will happen next. the house measure that was to have been voted on would have funded the government through december 15, extended the debt limit to february 7 and ended employer contributions to health insurance for members of congress and its staff, the white house and its staff as well as cabinet members. in this case government contributions since the government is the employer. as that made its way to the house rules committee, heritage activists urged them to vote no. and shortly after a vote was killed. just 24 hours after we thought we had a deal coming from the senate. >> reporter: here is another layer of gamesmanship to the drama playing out in washington. senator ted cruz in texas convened in a secret meeting last
Al Jazeera America
Oct 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
to see that unfold this evening, john, and as you mentioned we're watching the final vote take place. once that gets wrapped up we expect to see democrats in the senate do a little bit of a victory press conference. meanwhile, the actual go over and the house will unfold there. they will get the magic number. that's what we're anticipating, enough republicans will side with democrats to see that pass the house. and the democrats had been whipping the vote. they've been going around, doing the county, encouraging their members to stand in line. democrats would love to see one solid body not the actions that are dividing the republican party but not-to-have the contrast the republicans have had. ted cruz and mike lee from walking side by side. the cameras were going off, reporters surrounding them, a lot of attention on those two men even though they have gotten anger and push back from some of their fellow republicans in the senate they're getting a lot of attention, and that is winning them a lot of interest. and so americans know their names in a way they certainly didn't do just a
Oct 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
>> ha-ha. ha-ha. >> our beloved john spencer. and martin sheen. directed. beautifully by chris missiano the quite a production getting that thing. >>> the speaker must decide. let's play "hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. john boehner, i'm talking to you. i think you need advice from outside that caucus. i'm afraid it's smothering you. it's killing any impulse you have to call the shots and end this government shutdown. worse yet, the approaching default on the country's debt. this historic embarrassment to your party, to your beloved house of representatives, this deep injury to your country. here i think it's fair to say are your options, mr. speaker. you can continue down the road, that little band of warriors on your party's right has assigned you. that means sticking with them all the way, following whatever course the fartherest out 30 of your caucus want you to take. going after the affordable care act at every stop, giving up on any bipartisan solution to the debt crisis, then doing the whole thing over ag
Al Jazeera America
Oct 16, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of the agreement. and, john, late-breaking news tonight, rise and shine furloughed employees, you talked about the 2 million, some 800,000 still furloughed. the omb. office of management and budget just sent a press lee lees the president will sign the bill tonight and those employs are expected to report back to work tomorrow bright and early, john. >> what's next on the agenda for the president and congress? any plans for them to try to get together to sort of solve their differences or not? >> well, you heard the president say that he's going to have more to say tomorrow and indeed the president is going to be pressing his advantage here after this victory. he's going to have an vent at 10:35 here in washington to talk about some of the ideas that he wants to the agenda. john, there is still a lot of pessimism if you look at the way the vote broke down it was an overwhelming vote in favor of the deal at long last that the senate came up with. but the conservatives the hard effort the hardcore were uniform against this they want to live to fight another day and, in fact, the government is on
Oct 19, 2013 8:00am EDT
of john f. kennedy and the subject of his presentation this afternoon which is "the president has been shot!: the assassination of john f. kennedy". james swanson? [applause] >> thank you very much. to give you fair warning the book that has been published in? want to leave, this is the children's book which is available today at the festival. my adult book, end of days is coming out in a couple weeks. i don't see many kids here so i thought i would give you advance notice i'm talking about a children's book today. whenever i hear of this talk i don't like to see them read from their books or read from a script. if they're going to do that i could just read the book anyway so why go to the event so i thought i would talk a little bit about how i did this book, al i do my books, why i did these. i am always interested to know the back story. everything i have done as a writer originates in something i heard about what was exposed to as a child. even the kennedy assassination. i got into writing because of abraham lincoln. i was born on lincoln's birthday, the very twelfth in chicago, il
Oct 16, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. before tonight, john boehner had refused to allow a vote on a bill like that, because although it would probably pass with all the democrats and a handful of republicans, most republicans didn't like the idea. so he wouldn't bring it up. most republicans wanted to keep pressing for more demands, more things to add to the ransom note, again, none of which they got. tonight, john boehner says he will allow a vote and raise the debt ceiling just in time. there are no winners, nobody is coming out on top here. and it may be true that nobody won, but somebody definitely lost here. and that has kind of been the story of john boehner's leadership of the house republicans, since the house republicans got control of congress in 2011. under the speakership of john boehner, we have now had two near defaults. we have had two brushes up against the debt ceiling. we have had one long government shutdown. and we have had no legislation of any significance passed at all, since he has been speaker. one real crisis, two near crises that you could call crises, because they didn't cause real damage, and no
Oct 19, 2013 12:35am PDT
seems at home among tourist traps in las vegas. its owner, perhaps the ultimate vegas showman, is john basso. as the part of his act, he likes to be called dr. john. >> now breathe in for me. >> reporter: dr. john has become something of a superstar in the fast food world. in his trademark over the top way he depicts himself as jesus christ at the last supper dining with the industry any other giants. >> he certainly has come a long way since i first met him three years ago at his first heart attack grill outside phoenix, arizona. back then, the restaurant was under fire after its nearly 600-pound spokesman, blare rivers died of obesity related issues. he was just 29. there is an argument to be made that you used this guy during his life and that now you are very morbidly using his death to continue to promote your restaurant? >> i absolutely agree. and in a very sick way his death has gotten the message out further. >> this man any death has the not given you pause at all? >> zero pause. >> reporter: you guys we are actually rolling now! actually rolling! dr. john's vegas location is
Oct 21, 2013 9:00am EDT
] [♪] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test." my next guest john is here to prove that his girlfriend jada is getting busy with his buddies. he says he is always hearing stories about jada giving away the goods and she swears she is a good girl and his friends are jealous. john wants to put jada's wild ways to the test. welcome john to the show. thank you for coming. what is going on? >> well, hear for a while now everytime i turn around i'm hearing something about her doing something with somebody with my homeys and other people in the neighborhood. i'm saying i'm hearing all types of stuff. and i hate to believe it. i hate for it to be true because i do love her and care about her a lot >> kirk: you think it might be true? >> it's too much. too much. every which way. >> kirk: i mean your friend told you he had sex with her? >> he did. he did. >> kirk: is that a friend? a good friend? >> no, even if he did do it they both in the wrong. she is wrong for doing with with my homey and he is wrong because he is not a real homey. but either way >> kirk: what did he say happened? >> he said they
Oct 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
, it doesn't take a rhodes scholar to realize they had some outside help. >> pelley: john miller has the story. the government reopens. can washington keep it that way? >> let's be clear: there are no winners here. >> pelley: nancy cordes and john dickerson i don't know they go from here. scientists say this may be the missing link that ties all of humanity together. jim axelrod and the discovery that may upend what we knew about humans. and testimony comeback of the humpback. an american biologist tells "60 minutes" about one of the great success stories in all of conservation. >> reporter: so you speak whale but you don't understand it? >> absolutely. (laughs) (laughs) captioning sponsored by cbs nsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. who knew that breaking out of prison could be so easy? prison officials in florida admitted today they released a convicted murderer after receiving a forged court order. and if you think that kind of thing could never happen again, it did-- with another murderer less than two weeks later. a manhunt is
Oct 16, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the shutdown going. they wanted that by almost two to one. what this means is that house speaker john boehner passed the bill without the support of his own members. >>> but thanks to all of the democrats and minority of his caucus who did support him in this vote we brought about the end to this self imposed national crisis tonight. president obama is expected to sign the bill right away as in basically now. after that the federal government will begin the work of reopening itself after this long and painful shutdown. the office of management and budget is advising employees to expect to return to work in the morning as in a few hours from now. president obama spoke briefly tonight after the vote saying he intended to get going on policy mentioning immigration and the farm bill, the policymaking that has been shoved off the agenda. as the president left the podium tonight a reporter from cnn, i think, shouted out a question to him. as the president finished his remarks and walked away. a reporter shouted out a question and asked what happens when the debt ceiling comes up again in february.
Oct 16, 2013 11:00pm PDT
: yeah, john, it is somewhere in between, it is a deal, because of course, democrats have gotten largely what they wanted. we'll see the government reopen and avoid defaulting on the debt. but it is a delay in that it is only 90 days away until congress will have to revisit the debt ceiling. now, this is a routine vote as we've heard president obama say for the past few weeks now. this is the 13th time that congress has voted to raise the debt ceiling since 2001. i would point out that after the financial crisis in 2008, it happened three times within the next year. but we're seeing it in greater frequency that congress has to vote to raise the debt ceiling. this has become a bigger problem. and republicans have said they want to use the debt ceiling as leverage for the democrats to give them more concessions. but republicans are saying now this has not worked, the strategy of using the debt ceiling as leverage. >> they hijacked the plane, knowing how to land it. 16 days this went on for, it was all over obama care, they wanted to de-fund it. that didn't happen. what did the republicans
Al Jazeera America
Oct 17, 2013 8:00pm EDT
>> good evening everyone and welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> nothing has done more to undermine our economy these past three years, than the kind of tactics that create these manufactured crises. >> the day after the government reopens but critics of the president warn the battle is far from over. the fiscal assess fire, what it -- cease fire what is means for wall street and main street? >>> and what is next, immigration reform, helping the nation's farmers as the dust settles, a call for congress to move forward. >> counting the cost of the government shutdown, the human cost. the lost productivity and the damaged reputations. tonight we'll look at the toll it has taken on the country. and with federal employees back to work, congress and the white house face major challenges. they have just three months to find a solution. >> at a moment when our economic recovery demands more jobs, more momentum, we've got yet another self-inflicted crisis that's set our economy back and for what? >> while the 800,000 government workers affected by the
Oct 17, 2013 1:00am PDT
this means is that john boehner pass this bill without the support of his own members, his own republican caucus. thanks to all the democrats and to the minority of his caucus who did support him in this vote, we did finally bring about the end to this self-imposed national crisis tonight. president obama is expected to sign the bill right away, as and basically now. after that, the government will reopen its self after this long and painful shut down. the office of management and budget is expecting employees to return to work in the morning, as in thursday morning, a few hours from now. president obama spoke briefly after the vote that he intends to get going again on policy, specifically immigration and passing a farm bill. policy-making has been shoved off the agenda while this crisis dragged on. here's an interesting moment, though. as the president left the podium, a reporter from cnn shouted out that a question to him. as the president finished his remarks and walked away, a reporter shouted out a question to him and ask him what happens when the debt ceiling comes up again in febr
Oct 16, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the same situation, we hope not. john boehner said we fought the good fight, we just didn't win. kept the reck rick fiery calling the senate agreement quote a terrible deal, prizing the hard line repub cabs in the house as they profile encourage and getting in another slam at obama care. >> imagine after the house republicans stood together with the american people, if all 46 senate republicans have stood together and said we are united against the train wreck that is obama care. we are united with the american people, that if president obama is going to give an exception for big business for members of congress, that the american people deserve that very same exception. i want you to imagine, mr. president, if senate republicans have stood together and simply supported house republicans and the american people. >> chief congressional correspondent dana bash joins me live. what is happening now? what's the latest? >> the senate is voting on the second and final vote to formally send this deal, this bill to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling over to the house. the vote --
Al Jazeera America
Oct 15, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, the house looked like it was doing it's own thing today, john, but it has really been a bust of a day. this morning, house speaker, john boehner, went behind closed doors with republicans, and when they edge emerged they were not interested in what was taking place in the senate. the house republicans said we're not interested. though speaker boehner said no decisions are made at this point, the plan emerged throughout the day. but at this point, it was dead in the water. it was yanked back from a committee hearing this evening at the last hour because it turns out that it wasn't conservative never for the tea party republicans. the leadership from washington state said that it wasn't republican's fault. here's what she had to say. >> for weeks now, the republicans in the house have been leading with solutions, and we believe this is the time for solutions and they need to be based upon fairness for all. >> she's saying that the fault lies with dems, but that's not what the american public is finding and the polls for anyone in washington, but they're hitting republicans hard. the sit
Oct 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. john blackstone is on the scene. we've investigated the obamacare web sites. today the president says what he thinks. >> nobody's madder than me about the fact that the web site isn't working as well as it should. >> pelley: wyatt andrews on what isn't working. a naval officer and an n.c.i.s. agent have been arrested in a prostitution and bribery scandal. david martin reports. and speeding to a freeway near you. they call themselves stunters. what they're doing is illegal, but bill whitaker finds stunting is a growing phenomenon. >> reporter: what would make you stop? >> i believe really nothing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. there's been another deadly shooting at a school-- this time a middle school in sparks, nevada, east of reno. the police are telling us that a student shot and killed a teacher and then wounded two classmates then, they say, the boy killed himself. john blackstone is on the scene of this breaking story. >> reporter: the first shots were fired by the 13-year-old gunman just before classes wer
Al Jazeera America
Oct 18, 2013 8:00pm EDT
's bring in heather hurlbut, a senior advisor for the national security network. heather welcome. >> john, good to be with you. >> what was the problem with the way the president rolled this health care plan out? >> there seemed to be two problems, one under his control, the other not. one under his control the technology of it wasn't as ready for prime time as maybe it should have been. but at the same time, you know, the health care rollout wasn't the number one story and it wasn't even the number two story for last couple of weeks. so to the extent the administration had a clear message about what the rollout was, how to do it, how to deal with the tech problems there was just no way they could get it out to people while all the craziness around shutdown and the debt ceiling was going on. >> we made it our top tommy story for just that -- top story for just that reason. isn't it necessary for the president to reveal what the problems are and how to fix it? >> i'm figuring next week is sort of a go-over, the rare moment where you actually get to put your foot in the water twice. you're
Oct 16, 2013 4:00am EDT
>> is the constituency that john boehner has been trying to please with this 15-day shutdown essentially satiated that he fought as much as he wanted? thank you all, that is all in for this evening. the rachel maddow show start now. >>> we begin our coverage here almost where we left hit. tonight harry reid and mitch mcconnell are trying to hammer out a bipartisan deal to end the government shutdown and keep the government from blowing past the debt ceiling and defaulting on their national bills. senators reed and mcconnell announced yesterday that they were close to agreement and then the whole thing fell apart in a giant clattering mess. it's been kind of like the movie groundhog day only a little scarier and a lot stranger. and our story begins here, the speaker of the house, there's no need to adjust your set because this is supposed to be a photo of jim demint. he resigned from the senate back in january and he last served in the senate eight years ago. he might as well based on what happened today the guy who controls the united states house of representatives. john boe
Oct 16, 2013 3:00pm EDT
be eventually. that is something that's caused house speaker john boehner a plethora of problems in terms of saying he is? charge, where is the leadership et cetera. thomas massey, of kentucky, tweeted that he thinks the next fight over government funding the house republican conference lost leverage because they are not able to agree to anything that gets to 218. what's interesting about that yesterday, a lot of people think it was conservatives opposed to it and there were a lot of members who hated the idea of the member of their staffs losing important benefits for health care. as opposed to where we go today, the senate should be wrapping up their business around dinner time, 8:00, 9:00 and it goes to the house of representatives, they want to vote on this tonight and sign and sealed and delivered on pennsylvania avenue. and they will actually go into reses at the conclusion meaning a lot of these guys will peace out and thank you for opening the government back up and red state areas will hear, why didn't you fight fighting the obama care fight in honor of ted cruz. let's be honest,
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